Big 2022

ASEAN's dilemma: sustained growth, energy challenge and climate change

Oct 6, 2022 | 11:20 AM CEST - 11:50 AM CEST


The ASEAN countries are at the heart of the global growth that has moved to the "Indo-Pacific": 2/3 of the world's population, more than 50% of world trade... They are also located in one of the regions most affected by global warming: rising water levels, salinisation of deltas, frequency and extent of climate phenomena such as typhoons, rain, etc. In this context, they must face the challenge of meeting the growing demand for electricity due to industrialisation and urbanisation, as well as that of the ecological transition through cross-cutting, innovative decarbonisation: a greener energy mix and complementarity with mobility (Vehicle to grid for example), carbon capture, energy efficiency, etc. to guarantee sustainable growth.


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