Big 2022

Senegal, an innovation ecosystem in the heart of French Speaking Africa

Oct 6, 2022 | 3:05 PM CEST - 3:35 PM CEST


With growth of +264% YoY for 5.2bn funds raised in 2021, Africa is the region where the growth of venture capital investments has been the strongest, according to the latest Partech report. French-speaking Africa is growing at twice the rate of the continent, led by Senegal, which has taken the top spot in the region in terms of volume of funds raised, with $353m. The country has seen the emergence of its first unicorn - valued at more than $1bn - which has attracted the interest of international investors and accelerated the creation of start-ups by entrepreneurs from the diaspora. How can such growth be explained? Is it the work of a unique Senegalese society or is the whole of the Senegalese ecosystem experiencing a real upsurge? What are the opportunities for French entrepreneurs, investors and accelerators?


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