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Clean energies: Transition to a decarbonized economy

Apr 4, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Since the occurrence of the greenhouse effect, environmental issues are in the focus of interest of researchers and policy makers due to their great impact on the economy. As is apparent, there is an interplay between the energy sector and climate change, considering that the energy industry constitutes both a contributor to climate change and simultaneously a sector that climate change will severely impact.. The launch of the European Green Deal has given new impetus to the decarbonization of the EU energy system. The development and the deployment o low-carbon technologies offers a huge opportunity to stimulate and support the recovery to the EU economy from the pandemic. Further, climate change is pivotal for tourism as well since this sector is highly dependent on climate resources. Climate change provokes shifts in tourism flows, with large economic implications. Tourism destinations rely on the natural and cultural heritage, such as the natural beauty of the sea, mountains, and caves to lure visitors. However, demand is affected directly, seeing that the frequent fires, storms and floods that occur serve as a significant deterrent to further tourism. All in all, considering the significance as well as the increasing challenges climate change brings to the energy and tourism market, it becomes essential that both industries adjust their offerings to suit new environmental patterns.

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