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Beatriz Freitas

Banco Portugues de Formento



eatriz Freitas is the CEO of Banco Português de Fomento (BPF) the Portuguese Promotional Bank. She is President of the Ibero-American Network of Guarantees Association (REGAR), since September 2017, and Member of the Board of Directors of European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM), since 2018. She was the president of SPGM - Sociedade de Investimento S.A, the holding of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee System and Member of the Board of IFD – Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento, SA, between 2017 and 2020. She served as Senior Economist and Economic Advisor in Ministerial Offices in the XVII, XVIII, XIX and XXI Constitutional Portuguese Governments and participated as an External Expert on “Public Finance Management” in the International Monetary Fund’s missions to Greece and Cabo Verde. She has a degree in Economics, from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and has participated in several top management programs for executives such as the “Advanced Program for Executives on the Portuguese Accounting Framework (base on IFRS)” and the “Program for Executives in Market and Financial Products”, among others, covering public administration management, public accounting, project management and IT.

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