Growing Together


Anne Mieke van der Werf

Invest NL

Directeur Business Development


oined Invest-NL mid-2019, currently Director Business Development Invest-NL and board position. Anne Mieke is responsible for all activities related to developing a carbon neutral and circular economy and sustainable access to health care within Invest-NL. Business Development offers advice and guidance to companies, financiers and governments with innovative business activities and / or upscaling issues. Prior to joining Invest-NL, Anne Mieke built up her experience as an independent entrepreneur and investor in various positions both at multinational companies and smaller companies. Among other things, she was director of Energy & Climate at Triodos Investment Management and Business Developer Shell Renewables. In her most recent role, Anne Mieke was co-founder of an investment fund, aiming to make food chains more sustainable. She holds a CFA Europe and MSc in Economics.

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