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Enrich in Africa


ENRICH in Africa (EiA), funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, brings together many key stakeholders from the innovation landscape of Europe and Africa to address the needs for capacity development of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurs in Africa and Europe. EiA delivers capacity-building services for its members, the incubators and accelerators across Europe and Africa, promoting networking opportunities, developing high-quality soft-landing services, and fostering incubation and acceleration support that strengthens innovators’ capacity to establish themselves in the other continent. EiA also helps innovators reach out to investors, innovation centres, and partners in the European and African ecosystems to develop business creation coupled with market development, increasing chances for successful outcomes. These actions aim to therefore increase productivity and generate inclusive employment across Europe and Africa. The EiA programme works with current actors within the local economies of countries across the continents, including public institutions, academia, business support organisations, investors, and corporates. The activities aim to facilitate entrepreneurial solutions and innovations from all walks of life, enabling scaling by co-designing EU-Pan-African programmes that facilitate knowledge and technology transfers between Europe and Africa. In summary, EiA generates a networking ecosystem where to exchange best-practices among participants.

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