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BIG 2022Our climate commitments

Bpifrance, banque du climat, fait de l’exemplarité en matière de développement durable un enjeu majeur pour l’organisation de la 8e édition de Big. Avec nos partenaires, nous prenons 10 engagements. 1. to encourage sustainable mobility and the use of public transport 2. to use materials with a low environmental impact as much as possible 3.Reduce the number of goodies 4. Limit the use of paper 5. Limit the use of single-use plastic 6. Favour responsible catering 7. Reuse or recycle furniture and signage 8. Manage waste better 9. Measure and communicate Big's CSR impacts 10. Encourage our partners to respect these commitments

5 eco-actions to reduce Big's environmental impact

To help us meet our commitments and reduce our carbon footprint, we invite you to adopt a few green actions when you come to Big.

1- Favour soft and/or shared modes of transport

Leave your car behind and use your bike, public transport or carpooling to come to Big.

3- Eating responsibly

For the sake of the planet, choose local, seasonal, balanced food and, if possible, mostly vegetarian. To help you do this, the Accor Arena offers seasonal catering, produced on site via short-distance purchases, and fights against waste. Unsold food is redistributed to the "Le Chaînon Manquant" network.

4- Sort your waste

To better protect the environment, think about sorting your waste. Thanks to its sorting policy and its partnership with "Les Joyeux recycleurs", the Accor Arena recycles paper, bottles, cans and coffee capsules... And to avoid using water bottles and other cardboard cups, always carry a water bottle.

5- Returning your lanyard

In order to limit the use of single-use plastics, please leave your necklace with us when you leave the Accor Arena. They will be reused at a future event.   

Bpifrance, Climate bank

Climate Plan

In September 2020, Bpifrance and the Banque des Territoires launched a joint Climate Plan 2020 / 2024 of nearly €40bn. This plan simultaneously targets the green transition projects of companies and public actors in the territories
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Climate Community

The Green Rooster Community is a community of managers who are convinced of the need to act and are already committed to the ecological and energy transition. Launched by Bpifrance, in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this community aims to promote the sharing of expertise between committed entrepreneurs.
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Jour E

Jour E is Bpifrance's event dedicated to the ecological and energy transition of companies. Find out about the workshops, masterclasses and all the speeches of the 2022 edition of this event. On the agenda: concrete solutions to help you ensure environmentally friendly growth.
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Thematic Climate

Do you want to start your Ecological and Energy Transition? Come and get inspired with the conferences of the Climate thematic course
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