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Hit Radio

Directeur général


Younes Boumehdi is the CEO of Hit Radio. A Moroccan leading station radio established in 2006, broadcasting music and entertainment programs towards youth with presence in 12 African countries. Born and raised in Rabat in the 90’s, Younes lacked the existence of any media addressing youth. After graduating from high-school, he goes to France where he witnesses the emergence of many radios and pirate radios dedicated to the French youth. Highly inspired by the impact it was having on the society, Younes decides to export the initiative to his native country. Morocco, at that time, was still a closed economy, Younes did not obtain the authorization to air. Almost 10 years later, with the arrival of the new king Mohammed the Sixth to the power and the liberalization of the media industry, and also thanks to the outstanding drive and perseverance of Younes, Hit Radio finally acquired the authorization to air in 2006. “What drives me is, to believe in what I do, to see that with a minimum of tenacity and conviction, even the most unexpected things can come to fruition”. Yes Younes Boumehdi is also co-founder in 2007 and General Secretary of the Independent Radio and Television Association (ARTI). Co-founder in 2009 and Vice-President of the Association Marocains Pluriels, which defends diversity values ​​and exchange programs between Europe and Morocco. President of the HIBA Foundation, which works for the promotion of culture in Morocco. President of the Fondation Generation Libre.

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