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Deep Talks : Let's look under the hood

Every episode we talk with a new deeptech startup about their business and explore their technology with an expert in the field. This series is brought to you by Bpifrance’s DeepTech team and our Late Stage investment fund, Large Venture, to promote the emergence of French champions in the digital, biotech and of course Deeptech sectors. 

Our goal? To better understand the fabric of a deeptech startup, their characteristics, the challenges they face and the great entrepreneurs behind the ideas.

Next Deep Talk

Quantum computing is a beautiful fusion of quantum physics and computer science, incorporating some of the most stunning ideas from twentieth-century physics into an entirely new way of thinking about computation. 

As the French government is preparing a national Quantum Plan for 2021, we wanted to present to our community the next generation of computing and understand the related business opportunities. Our experts will present the science behind the tech and challenge one of the most promising startups of the French ecosystem : Quandela.

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