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Created in 1971, at the crossroads between agencies, advertisers, media and tech platforms, Stratégies is the leading media for an entire profession. Strategies aims to give brand professionals the keys to better understand the changes in communication and marketing. Today Strategies is: - The weekly every Thursday, to analyze current events, decipher brand strategies, detect trends, identify talents, and form an opinion on the debates of the profession. - Every morning, StratégiesNews, the newsletter reserved for subscribers, a concentrate of premium business information to start the day, with a focus on prying eyes, to get ahead of the market in 5 minutes flat - The 1pm offers most of the news at midday, campaigns, employment ... an appointment by simple registration for all professionals. To receive it, it's here - On the web, the new has been designed to help you every day to be a better pro: It offers both real-time information, and information databases such as the database of advertising campaigns since 2003, a real-time update on competitions and agency transfers, a data center, an agency guide, the Strategies archives, and dossiers and focus to go further on a topical subject. The new responsive design formula accompanies you everywhere. - Each year, 4 Strategy guides (paper + digital) allow advertisers looking for an agency to have at a glance a detailed vision of the positioning, skills, leaders and achievements of their potential agency. The 4 Strategy guides - Agencies, Corporate, Marketing, Design - are the most widely distributed guides in the sector (ACPM certified distribution) - For nearly 40 years, the 13 Grands Prix Stratégies have been the meeting place for an entire profession, to celebrate the best French achievements in all areas of communication and marketing, from advertising creation to customer marketing, including design or luxury: - A conference program, focused on understanding digital changes in communication, completes this program which brings together a community of more than 6,000 guests. - Training Strategies, offers a program of 120 workshops, conferences, training courses and certifying cycles focused on business and digital transformation. In all, more than 1000 professionals are trained each year. Strategies is the power of an editorial staff of 15 experienced people who investigate, analyze, detect, all while keeping an eye on immediate news. Find the brand's key figures here: Discover the history of Strategies here: Strategies is a trademark of S2C.

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