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Réseau Entreprendre


Réseau Entreprendre: job creators, creators of the future! Every day, the volunteer business leaders of our network work alongside entrepreneurs who are creating, taking over or developing a business. They are committed to their territory, and accompany entrepreneurs towards success by offering them both human and financial support. They do this free of charge, on the long term with passion and profesionalism, because they are convinced that to create jobs you must create employers . Being a Réseau Entreprendre mentee means benefiting a strong support ( to enrich and secure the project, advice, share experience and training to run the business on a daily basis), financing (an honorary loan to support the financing plan, give access to a crowdfunding service and facilitate access to banks) and networking (networking sessions between peers to progress, train and help each other, local, national and international networking). The 14,500 business leaders of the Réseau Entreprendre community welcome you in 10 countries with the same desire: to help you make your job-creating project a success.

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