Big 2020

La Gazette


Historical partner of local governments Founded in 1934, La Gazette des Communes is the reference media for local civil service professions, positioning itself as an expert in public policy and public services. Today, the magazine counts 272,000 weekly readers, and the website, with full access granted upon subscription, enjoys 758,000 unique monthly visitors. With 180,000 subscribers to its newsletter, La Gazette des Communes has garnered itself an audience replete with decision-makers. For the past 8 years, La Gazette has offered an enriched online content experience with four targeted business clubs: the Finance Club, the Safety Prevention Club, the Technology Club and the HR Club (Human Resources). In addition to its news media, each club independently offers content and themed events throughout France to enable professionals to meet and exchange ideas. La Gazette’s long-standing and well-established reputation make it a go-to strategic reference material for professionals and decision-makers in the public sector. The title also has the largest database in the public sector, with almost 548,000 email contacts. La Gazette des Communes has developed a comprehensive offer dedicated to companies wishing to work with the public sector. From brand awareness to lead acquisition, La Gazette des Communes empowers companies to reach the right targets.

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