Big 2020



Révolution Digitale™ brings together the most amazing French-speaking entrepreneurs all over the world to inspire the new generation! Starting a business is hard. Very hard. But it is also gratifying and fun if it is aligned with your values and skills, and solves an essential problem for others. Many entrepreneurs have had tremendous success. We wanted to understand how they did it and share their wisdom. We hope to show that entrepreneurial success is also possible in the Francophone world, from Africa to Belgium, Canada and France, and everywhere people speak French. RévolutionDigitale, after just 2 Seasons: ★ 109 information-packed episodes ★ 105 entrepreneurs from 20 countries ★ +1000% audience growth ★ +20K Followers ★ Regular Top 5 in Apple Podcast Entrepreneurship section ★ Top 10 in Apple Podcast Business section (June, Oct 2018, Jan 2019) and regular Top 50 ★ Featured in "What's Hot" on Apple Podcast (Feb 2019) ★ Featured on (Jan-Feb & Apr-Jun 2019) ★ Featured on Pat Flynn's (2020) ★ Loads and loads of OZ coffee!!!

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