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Pellenc ST



Pellenc ST designs, produces and sells connected sorting equipment and intelligent services for waste treatment and the recycling industries. Our technology sorts and recovers materials from various waste sectors including, selective collection, municipal solid waste, industrial, electronics, automotive and construction waste. Infrared spectrometry, visible spectrometry, x-ray transmission and inductive sensing are the embedded technologies used to sort the materials and our technology can be found in operation in more than 40 countries around the world. Based on proprietary R&D and «Made in France» manufacturing, Pellenc ST offers equipment that is robust and easy-to-use. The company develops methods and quality control processes. Pellenc ST is certified ISO 14001, ISO 180001 and ISO 9001. With over 1 800 machines installed worldwide, the Pellenc ST network benefits from local team specially dedicated to the customers satisfaction. "Make the Circular Economy sustainable and profitable by offering innovative solutions for intelligent and connected sorting lines"

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