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Find healthcare players in France

French Care is the movement of health actors. Supported by Bpifrance and the association Les actors de La French Care, it brings together private and public players in the healthcare sector in France. French Care is at the service of the development of ecosystems and excellence in the service of the patient. The mission of La French Care: to promote and develop health excellence in France.

Meet in the La French Care bubble, a space dedicated to health specially designed to meet, get involved, share the culture of excellence in health, and create synergies.


Bulle : La French  Care

A bubble entirely dedicated to health will take place at the Accor Arena Paris. From 9:45 a.m. to 6:15 p.m., the conferences will revolve around themes related to French Care

The innovation festival

Located in the passageways, it hosts several companies with the La French Care label:

- Ebiody 
- Neoflo
- Vertexa 
- Eppur

La scène feu de camp   

It is an open stage, a real space of expression for community entrepreneurs who speak out and demonstrate their commitment, the inter-community synergies, the innovations they propose and their vision of the world of tomorrow.

The Bang scene

At the heart of the arena, the Bang welcomes around a hundred top speakers from all sectors every year. Among the inspiring speakers of this 2023 edition, several come from the world of health such as Eric Carreel, founder of Whitings or Anaïs Barut, CEO of Damae Medical.

Teaser Sessions

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Join La French Care!

Joining La French Care means joining the movement of all the players in the French health system in order to promote its entire ecosystem. Joining La French Care is an opportunity but also a commitment. 

 By joining La French Care you commit to embodying the values ​​of La French Care set out in the manifesto.

By validating your registration you certify on your honor that you are a healthcare player. We reserve the right to remove from the network any company that does not meet these criteria: a major activity in health and a site based in France.

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