Big 2021


Guilaume ROCHMAN




I'm the founder & CEO of SOFRAPACK INTERNATIONAL 16 years ago, I started my own company : Sofrapack International. Then, the ISPM 15 Norm was new and required the usage of wood for exports. At that time, Sofrapack just created the first pallet crates made of corrugated, with a bottom, a top and stackable walls. A true challenge but the timing was perfect for exporters! At the beginning, our crates were very hard to sell because people are often reluctant to change their habits. International movers, who used wood forever, had trouble imaging themselves working with corrugated. But time after time, the idea of a lighter, more practical, more ecological and cheaper material, made her way into their head. Sofrapack was officially on track :) As time went by, the company became more and more successful in the moving sector, in France and abroad. Making an average of 8000 crates per year for our very faithful customers, we have decided to turn our business toward the industrial sector. A new step for us and a new market also. I would like to discuss with people working in the industrial sector to talk about Sofrapack and get their feedback. Our target is any European manufacturer shipping overseas expensive and fragile products. Thanks