Big 2021

Germany: so close and yet so little known

Oct 7, 2021 | 11:15 AM CEST - 12:00 PM CEST


Germany is the largest market in the European Union in terms of population and GDP and is also France's largest trading partner. Exports to Germany are largely favoured by the free movement of goods and people, geographical and cultural proximity as well as by the community of standards. However, often wrongly, Germany is not always ranked among the development priorities of French SMEs and SMIs. Laurent Guiguen, senior manager of a French SME, German-speaking, Germanophile and expert of the German market, will discuss with you the key factors for a successful deployment on the other side of the Rhine: . Why the German market should be the first priority for French SMEs and ETIs? . How are French companies perceived there? What can they do to be accepted? What surprises does the competition have in store? . What are the main principles of successful market access? . Which employees to recruit? How can you and your French-based teams be mobilised to meet the challenge of success in Germany? . How can the Foreign Trade Advisors help SMEs and SMIs to better understand the German market and save time?

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