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Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP) aims to enable innovative, scalable, and profitable enterprises to build prosperity. Our mission is “to foster entrepreneurial solutions for prosperity.” ESP enables people, firms, institutions, and nations to articulate, implement and disseminate solutions to their economic challenges. Created in January 2011 in Washington DC, ESP through its principals boasts more than 19 years of experience (including work done under OTF Group ). The firm operates today across the continent through two regional offices: one in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, covering West Africa, and a second in Kigali, Rwanda, for East, Central and Southern Africa operations. ESP’s principals bring a combined experience in excess of 30 years in facilitating private sector development and supporting SMEs across Africa. ESP has worked with multiple development organizations including The World Bank Group, IFC, USAID, the African Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. ESP’s approach is to provide Intelligent Capital—the right combination of insights and capital—to address critical societal issues. We provide advisory services to diverse clients, including entrepreneurs, SMEs, businesses, governments and development partners in Africa. ESP is organized into two practice areas to deliver on varied aspects of our mission Scale and Insights and rest on three pillars: data, assistance and investment.